What is a Marriage Ambassador?

An ambassador is an official representative of a Governing body or member of royalty. A Marriage Ambassador is a couple who sets their marriage as a representative of Christ, an authorized authoritative figure who delivers His message and represents His values in their actions.

– Will receive discounts for all

– Will receive a free welcome gift

– Discounts on seminars and events

– MT3R Books and Merchandise

– Must fit the ambassador description

– Must be active on Social Media

– Follow the application directions below

– Share the ambassador flyer posted on Instagram and Facebook and tag @MT3R and another married couple.

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To apply as an ambassador, on Facebook Like @MarriageThe3rdRing and on Instagram Follow and message @MarriageThe3rdRing. Send us your and your spouse’s names, the date you were married, and an email address where you can be contacted. We will select our marriage ambassadors on January 15th 2020.