The SYMBIS Assessment

Watch the video below from our Youtube channel for a full explanation

In short, SYMBIS (Saving your marriage before it starts) is a marriage assessment geared towards helping couples really deep dive and learn more about themselves and each other. SYMBIS+ is also available for currently married couples.

In the video below, we go through our own SYMBIS results in hopes of better explaining this assessment and how it can be helpful to you and your relationship!

If you are interested in participating in this assessment, select your payment option below. You can either pay for your sessions with the assessment now or just elect to pay for the assessment and we can schedule the sessions later. Since there is so much information packed into the assessment, it would be a disservice to simply hand your results back to you without going over them together.

*The Assessment Fee Covers the Test and up to 3 Marriage Coaching sessions*

Symbis Assessment Test